About us

About Us

Daeryeok Food Departmentis at the center of a safe and enjoyable table.

Daeryeok Food Department

With philosophy and tenacity about raw wasabi,
first released in Korea.

Founded in 1999, Samkwang Trading Co., Ltd. launched Samkwang 999,
a raw wasabi that revolutionized the existing powder wasabi market,
and is currently doing its best to let consumers recognize raw wasabi products.


Korea production, Korea brand
The proud Korean brand, Samkwang

The Samkwang 999 product released in 1999,
recognized as the first domestic production and launched item among the raw wasabi products,
and won the grand prize at the 2017 Global Food Fair, 2018 and 2019 as well.
Raw materials are imported into Korea through local subsidiaries in China,
and the rest of the raw materials are produced in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do. We have been recognized by Japanese food buyers since the early 2000s,
and as export and supply proposals have been coming in so far,
we will maintain this reputation as a proud Korean brand.

Daeryeok Food Department

Daeryeok Food Department The leader of Japanese food culture

Based on raw wasabi product “Samkwang999”,
we are striving to produce high-quality Japanese ingredients in Korea,
and constantly developing and researching traditional Japanese products.
In the future, Daeryeok Food Department will do its best for
safe products, high-quality products, and reasonable prices.


Daeryeok Food Department, which shares tradition, modernity, and future with consumers and businesses,
has the motto not to be the first, but to be the best to consumers and related business partners.

With this motto, Daeryeok Food Department will serve to meet the expectations of consumers and business representatives,
by a good price corresponding to the taste and quality of food and products.

CEOSanggeun Park 대력식품부

It's a company which being a great power to its partners.

As the company's name and motto are,
we are establishing a nationwide comprehensive logistics system
to help all distribution partners with Daeryeok,
and we’ll also use domestic companies’ OEM products,
to enthusiastically contribute to the domestic market.